My YouTube Landscape

Do you like YouTube? I like YouTube. I spend a lot of my time on it, especially when I have nothing else to do. A few years ago, I wasn’t exactly into watching videos — believe it or not, I thought it was boring, and I didn’t understand what the appeal of YouTube was — but that was probably because I really didn’t know what to look for. Things began to change during my late high school years. I stumbled upon a Let’s Play by a gamer of Presentable Liberty. It wasn’t the first ever YouTube video I watched, but it was probably the first YouTube video I watched of a homegrown content creator.

My real introduction to YouTube was definitely through the gamers. I was influenced by one of my high school friends who also liked to watch Let’s Plays, and I think he recommended me videos to watch back then, which I did. I don’t think I ever questioned it at the time, given how absurd it may look from an outside perspective, but I never knew watching someone else play a game would be so much fun! It felt like I was watching a movie, the difference being that there was more interaction. Even though I am not the one playing, I still feel immersed in the game, and it feels like a shared experience. It’s like playing the game yourself even though you have don’t have the proper consoles — which I think may actually be one of the reasons why I like Let’s Plays in the first place.

The first gamer channel I was subscribed to was Markiplier. It was actually his Let’s Play of Presentable Liberty that got me into YouTube! Over time, I also found other gaming channels like Jacksepticeye, LordMinion777. When I’m in the mood to watch Let’s Plays, I still go to these channels.

As of the Moment

Fast forward through the years, I visited YouTube occasionally and found other channels I liked. Here are a few channels that are my favorites right now:

Just Kidding Films

Outside of the gaming community, I really didn’t explore much of YouTube, but one day, and I don’t exactly remember how it happened, but I came across Ask the Feels, which is a Q&A and discussion channel about sex and relationships. What appealed to me was the hosts: they were very diverse. There are Mexicans, and a lot of Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, you name it). It turns out that Ask the Feels is actually a subchannel of a much bigger channel, which is Just Kidding Films (see above skit). Just Kidding Films also has other “brands” like Just Kidding News and Just Kidding Party — basically the Just Kidding brand. Just Kidding News is definitely my favorite out of the bunch. It’s an opinion channel where they discuss news submitted to them. It’s a lot of fun, and there’s no fluffing. It’s very real, and they don’t sugarcoat their opinions, just like what their tagline says: Real people, realer opinions. They cover absolutely anything under the sun. It’s a hilarious channel. I don’t always agree with their opinions, and often I get frustrated for many reasons because of their discussions, and that actually makes a lot of sense because of the nature of their channel. It’s still great content, and honestly, I love how honest they are.

My favorite personality in these channels is Joe Jo (he renamed his channel recently to his real name Joe Jitsukawa), the King of Joemalia. He and Bart Kwan are the pioneers of Just Kidding Films. Other members include Geo, Tiffany, Julia, and Casey (and there’s a lot more of them). I’m subscribed to their personal channels, too. 😊

David So Comedy

David So might actually be my favorite social media influencer right now. He’s a comedian, also an occasional actor (speaking of, I still need to watch Gook), and a vlogger. I knew about him through Just Kidding News. He guested a lot in their videos, and I found him incredibly funny, and from that, I found his channel, and so on, and so forth. He might actually be the only original content channel right now whose notification bell I have on. 😆 I really like his personality. Sometimes, he does commentaries on some issues, and I usually agree with his perspectives, and other times he brings something into the table that I haven’t really considered before. He also does parodies. (He did one on Nicole Arbour’s Dear Fat People entitled Dear Skinny People.) He also does skits, life vlogs (LOL: Livin’ Out Loud), fitness (FFF: Funny Fat Fit), mukbang, and cooking (That Sh*t’s Bomb) videos. My favorites are his vlogs and commentaries for sure. I just want to say that the thing that probably keeps me hooked to his channel is the authenticity and genuineness in it.


Bobby Lee — I heard about him first through Just Kidding News, after he guested in some of their videos. But it wasn’t JK News that made me visit his channel. David So was a guest in the TigerBelly podcast, which made me check the channel out. I’m actually newly subscribed.

I don’t know how to describe this channel. Sure, it’s a podcast channel, but I don’t think it’s your typical one. To be honest, if it weren’t for David guesting, I wouldn’t have checked out this channel at all, and if I did, maybe I wouldn’t have stayed. It’s… weird. Well, not the channel itself, but the people in it. Bobby doesn’t have the typical personality you would find anywhere. He’s just unique, and I think his uniqueness translates into the podcast and is what separates it from the rest. I don’t know the appropriate words to describe the guy, but… yes. His girlfriend, Khalyla, is also another unique personality and might actually be the most patient person I know. I actually find myself entertained, surprisingly, and I say “surprisingly,” because this is not the type of channel I thought I would be into. After saying all these, still, it’s a fun and hilarious channel. I learn a lot of stuff, too.

Bobby Lee’s brother, Steve Lee also has another channel, Steebee Weebee, that I’m been trying to get into right now as well. Like his brother, he also has quite a unique personality, which is ironically very much unlike his brother. You’ll get it when you see them in one room.

[2018-02-14] A little update: Steebee Weebee is my new favorite channel. 😄 I love his vlogs, especially. He has just a very unusual personality that I find really entertaining to watch. He’s very unintentionally hilarious, and he’s so… himself. I love it when people are genuine. And I think that I like him a little bit more than his brother. 😛

Jun’s Kitchen

Jun’s Kitchen is a channel I found recently, and I’m so happy that I did. It’s a cooking channel. It’s very therapeutic! I never thought watching others cook would be a form of therapy. There is also something very beautiful about the way he cooks: his movements are very smooth and refined, and even the presentation of his works look so pretty. This channel inspires me to cook and makes me want to cook. His videos bring me a sense of peace. It’s about the whole package. As a bonus, in every video, his cats also star.


I think everyone knows this guy, so I don’t have to write much about him. I haven’t been on Vine when it still existed, so I don’t know what the atmosphere is like there, but I’m definitely on Twitter, and even back when I wasn’t subscribed to his channel, his videos or tweets were everywhere. This guy… is a genius.

Valentina Lisitsa

Valentina Lisitsa is a pianist, a pianist who made a name through unconventional means in the piano world: YouTube. She rekindled my love for piano. If only I had known about her back when I was still doing music lessons, I think my approach towards learning how to play instruments would have been different and probably more driven. I love the way she touches the piano keys, especially; she doesn’t just press them, she caresses them.

When I’m in the mood to learn new things, my go-to channels for that are Kurzgesagt (recommended; I may not personally know you, but I know you will love this channel), Crash Course, CGP Grey, The Infographics Show, The Rest of Us, Tom Scott, Computerphile, Vsauce, and Gross Science.

Special mentions include climbthestacks (books and reviews), Cole and Marmalade (cats), EVNautilus (underwater exploration), and the legendary nigahiga.


As a casual content consumer, I’m more laidback when it comes to watching stuff, and I don’t proactively look for new channels that I might like. A lot of the times, I find a channel I like through another channel I liked, or it’s usually just me stumbling upon things, sometimes with the help of YouTube Recommendations. The rest of the time, I watch channels I am already subscribed to.

I’m looking at the list again, and I can’t believe how Asian-influenced it is. As an Asian myself, I am very proud! 😄 I notice that I tend to follow comedians more than anything else. I like to laugh. I mean, who doesn’t, right? And since I usually watch YouTube videos on times when I need relaxing, I gravitate towards the type of channels that take stress away.

2 Replies to “My YouTube Landscape”

  1. I have to admit I’ve never been much of a youtube person. In my early 20’s I frequented Tobuscus’s page, but that was simply for his hilarious literal trailers. I still go back and re-watch them sometimes, honestly despite some of them being nearly 10 years old, lol.

    I really need to delve into youtube more, honestly. It would give me something to do on my procrastinating days haha.

    I really liked looking around your blog, by the way. Your theme layout is adorable!

    1. It’s really fun. 😊 It’s really crazy how the platforms have changed. YouTube is basically its own entertainment industry where there’s a limitless amount of channels you can pick from. On top of that, you can even make friends on there, too! And to think that those old videos are still alive! 😄

      Thank you!

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