I admit I’m not that much of a music listener. I can’t say that there is not a day I don’t listen to music. I’m talking about voluntary listening. (Looking at my activity,) I usually go in binges. Suddenly, I’m in a mood to listen to music for a while, and then, suddenly, I’m not. I guess I am like this in almost everything: with reading novels, watching films, and so on. I’m also not the playlist type. I’m the type who has just one song on repeat for a whole week or so.

You know those questions in autographs (the little notebooks with a list of questions about your favorite things — I used to love answering them back when I was a kid!) that ask you about what your favorite songs are, your favorite musical genres… Thinking back, you know, I think in some way, they limit our listening options. I think that in general, once we “declare” certain things, we unconsciously limit ourselves to them. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of some sort. So, if I say I only like these genres, I am going to box myself into these genres for the rest of my life to justify my choices. It’s a theory, but I definitely think it happens. That said, of course, we all have  our own preferences, the kind of music that just clicks with us.

My Favorite Genres

I am going to contradict myself and say that I have “favorite” musical genres. These are just the category of songs that I regularly go back to, that just tickles my ears without it having to grow on me. These are the genres I keep going back to no matter when, where.

I grew up listening to country music. My dad was a big fan of country. It was often country music that plays when we were in our car travelling having our Sunday family days. I guess growing up listening to the genre almost all of my childhood, I came to like it.

I just love, love, love bluegrass. I guess it came from my love of country music as well. There is something very relaxing about the sound of the string instruments.

I love classical music. For most of my childhood, I played musical instruments, mainly the piano, violin, and banduria. (I also played the guitar, the recorder, and studied voice for a little bit, but only as auxiliaries.) Having to deal with classical music in most of my younger years definitely had a huge influence on me. In general, I also like instrumental music. I think there is something really beautiful about just pure music — no vocals to distract me, just music. The idea that a sequence of sounds so lovely to the ears can be produced… Isn’t there just something so amazing about that?

Call me pretentious, but I love anti-folk music. I love the creativity of it, the unwillingness to conform, I love it. Music is an art, and I think this genre really gives justice to that definition. In a way you can say that it’s not anti-folk music that I really like, but the idea that there are musicians out there who put more weight into creativity than others.

I like symphonic music. I guess it stems from my love of classical music. It is like a combination of classical and modern/pop/rock styles. I’m not exactly sure if it is the right term for the genre I’m looking for, though, but I’m thinking of the musical genre of Kalafina, and some Ali Project as well.

Jazz. Need I explain? Jazz is the most relaxing genre of all. I’m thinking more of jazz lounge. It’s the type of music I listen to when I need relaxing.

Ragtime is not exactly a musical genre but a musical style, but I have to give it a special mention because I hold it dear to my heart. I first discovered ragtime while I was playing a visual novel (Crescendo), and I instantly fell in love with it. Here’s an album of some ragtime pieces by none other than the King of Ragtime himself, Scott Joplin:

Maybe I do love all genres, but it just so happened that some songs just stuck to me more… or not. There do exist some genres that I tend to avoid. I’m not exactly a fan of heavy metal, but I’m not closing any doors. I tend to like easy, relaxing music (from above, I have said multiple times that I like so-and-so because of how relaxing it is). Maybe I will change my mind in the future. We never know.

Old Music

I think there is something beautiful about music that has aged. The idea that these songs were well-known, well-loved in the past by a lot of people, just like how today some songs are popular for a time but then will drift away in the background in the future… There is something so beautiful to me about it. I don’t want to say that I particularly am into old music, because it’s probably only because I keep going back to songs that I have heard before and are familiar to me. These are also songs that I have associated with many memories, and listening to them is basically living these memories all over again. I guess it is the same for everyone!

Here’s a favorite of mine from the 80s, a song that always lifts my mood:


Eee! Honestly, I can’t believe I wrote an entire post about music! Like I said in the introduction, I’m not exactly a frequent listener, but there you go. 😊 I’m sure that in the future, I will be discovering new genres, new music, new artists, like new ones I never imagined I would before. Maybe in a few years, I would be into heavy metal? Hahaha!

I will end this post with a new favorite song (even though it’s an old song) I recently discovered, my favorite Tagalog song:

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