My name is Lysianthus. It is not my real name, but it is what I go by online. This blog is my personal space, a place where I write whatever comes to mind! Introspection — it is a reflection of my innermost thoughts. Character study — it is a reflection of me. You may catch me contradicting myself in a lot of my posts, but that is just how it goes. I just follow my mind when I write, and I don’t necessarily plan the flow of my posts out. This blog is more of a “thought mine” than a diary. I hope you find the topics as interesting as I do!

Five Things

I’m near-sighted. When I was a child, I used to desperately want to wear eyeglasses, but now that I actually do need them, I don’t know what I was thinking. I want my normal eyesight back.

I’m into personality typology! In the MBTI, I have the functions Ni-Se and Ti-Fe, I just don’t know in what order. In the Enneagram, I’m a 9w1 with the tritype 954 and instinctual variants self-preservation-social (sp/so). I’m somewhere between phlegmatic and melancholic. My D&D alignment is True Neutral.

I am probably shorter than you!

My favorite fruit is the rambutan.

My wildest yet impossible dream is to become a person with multiple identities!


I love web development and learning new stuff about it. I love creating websites. I do it for fun!

I love reading. There is not a day when I do not do it.

I love writing. It is a very cathartic process, and it is the most effective way for me to express my thoughts and myself.

I love pets. 🐈 If you follow me on Twitter, you can tell how much I love kitties from all my retweets.

I love learning about people, how our minds work. As a consequence, I love personality typology theories — in particular, Carl Jung’s Cognitive Functions, MBTI, Enneagram, and Socionics.

I love emoji! ✨☄☔️🎉🎊

Parting Words

If you want to talk, you can easily do that by sending me love at [email protected]. If you want more of me, see the links below!