Starting Over Again

And now we’re starting over again
It’s not the easiest thing to do

This is not the first time that I am doing this again, and there’s a pretty good chance that it might not be the last time as well. (I’m not good at these things.) The last time I tried, I was very confident that it was going to be it, but, alas, the opposite happened. I was only able to post one thing before the blog died promptly.

But it’s alright, and here I am again giving it another try! 🙂

I actually tried alternatives: instead of writing things down, I also tried audio blogging. I recorded myself talking to myself about various topics for hours and hours. It was probably the best thing I have done for myself in a long while. It is very relieving, probably more relieving than writing things down, to be honest. It is a very raw thing to do, because you don’t filter yourself; you say whatever comes to mind. It was and is like a meditation of some sort. The only disadvantage is that I always need to be alone to do it. Unfortunately, I share a room with others, so I have to turn to other things. 😛

I’ve learned that when I try to be rigid about blogging, it’s so easy for me to lose motivation to write, so I’m going to do it in a more laidback and carefree manner this time. I want to keep it fun, think of it as something fun to do instead of a chore. Then again, I always say this when I have a fresh beginning, but we’ll see! (Let’s see if my perfectionist self allows this…)

As a start, I’m going to begin by listing some of the things that made me happy in the past couple of weeks and/or months. 🌟

Good Things!

New Theme

First things first, it’s an achievement for me that I was able to create a WordPress theme, which I haven’t done in quite a while! 😄

Learning Spanish

Last year, I started learning Spanish and completed the course on Duolingo! 🙌


I recently also began tracking my calorie count. I’m not exactly a fitness junkie or anything, but I noticed that I have been losing a lot of weight in the past couple of months (I lost 2 kilograms while I was on vacation in the span of a month). I was dangerously dangling between the “underweight” and “normal” zone. So, here’s to me trying to push myself back to the “normal” zone. I’m not really doing anything else apart from making sure that I eat enough per day, but small steps!

For a while, I also went back to meditating regularly, but I stopped after a good streak. I should probably try and go back again, but first things first: I have to fix a lot of my habits. There’s going to be a lot of adjusting to do. More on this later!


Writing was my first love, together with drawing. As a child, every time someone asked me what my hobbies were, drawing and writing were always at the top of the list. I used to write a lot. I wrote poems, started a lot of “novels” that I was not able to finish. I wrote for school. But then, as I grew older, I got busier, and my attention was poured onto other priorities, that I no longer was able to enjoy the “hobbies” I was so proud of when I was younger as much as I used to, or at all. This time, however, I’m slowly going back to it — be it through fandom or original work. Reading a lot has also inspired me!


I wish I had photos to show. This year, my family was blessed with a new addition to the dog family, Anton! Anton has been my everyday buddy and best friend for the time I was back in my hometown. He was with me everyday while I was manning the family business. He’s such a cute and happy creature. A little angel! 😇


Bates Motel, Vera Farmiga. Two fandoms I got involved with in the past year! What an exhilarating ride! I think it might actually be the first time that I shared a “running” fandom with others, if I’m not wrong. Most of the time, I just keep everything to myself and fangirl by myself, but this time, I really joined the rest of the crowd — talked about the series with them, listened to podcasts, participated in voting competitions, and so much more. I must say, I had a great time. I don’t regret it at all. I met new friends through the fandom, too! It might be a while until my next one. Bates Motel was an exception since my favorite actress was in it. 😛 I am one of those people who have a hard time staying put in front of a screen without doing anything else but pay attention to the screen. I have the “I’d rather do something productive than spend 10+ hours doing nothing” mindset. I have fidgety hands! But: if Vera Farmiga is in it, I’ll watch it without any hesitation. I have watched almost all of her films, except for four more that’s on my waiting list. 😉

(And you can tell from my tweets what my new fixations are! 😄)


My new friends, of course! I am lucky enough to have met and connected with like-minded people in the past few months. And I’m proud to say, that these are friendships of substance.


I love my home.

I love my family. It’s not always perfect, but my family, my home, makes me happy. Looking back, it took a lot of experience and time with my parents and my brother for me to “get” them. I guess that’s just how it is for relationships in general, and I think it’s part of growing up, too. I was able to understand them a little deeper, a little better, why they say or do certain things, what their motivations are, why their personalities are this way or that, and what makes me different from them. These insights I value so much. And apart from those, I am confident that my home is rooted in love. I’m very thankful for that.

I only stay in my hometown for around 2-3 months in total, and the rest of the year I spend islands away for university. I don’t really consider myself homesick-prone. In fact, I adjust and move on quite fast. However, it’s always a different yet familiar feeling that greets me when I come back. There really is no place like home.


These are all for now. I wanted to sprinkle positivity on my first blog post, hoping that it will set the mood for the rest of the blog. I hope that this is the beginning of something wonderful. ✨

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