My First Concert Experience (and All the Stress I Went Through That Day)

I’m not a concert-goer. In fact, a concert may be the last place you’ll ever see me in. And parties, too! It just isn’t my thing. I’m too low-energy for high-energy events like these with a huge crowd, and it doesn’t really fit my personality. I’m always the first one to go home — that is, if I do go in the first place — when I attend parties. I don’t know why, but I just don’t fit, and I always end up being a wallflower in some way. I guess I’m too “calm”? While everyone else is losing themselves, cheering, dancing, and having fun with the others, I’m too — I don’t know what the exact term I’m looking for is — emotionally “contained” to be like them. And this not only applies to parties, but to anything, in general.

But I made an exception. I purchased tickets to see Lani Misalucha perform live in an event she will be appearing in. As written on my previous post, she is my all-time favorite live singer. I’ve always thought that she is a brilliant vocalist, one of the best in the country, since I was a child, and in the past couple of months, I spent a good amount of my time watching her performances online and listening to her songs. I never would have predicted that casually checking out some of her videos on YouTube would result to me being a huge fan of hers, but there really isn’t any other turn for that, because she is absolutely fantastic! I already poured much of my thoughts about her on my previous post, but, honestly, I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that she is such an amazing singer, because she is! Watching her perform in person instantly became one of my life goals, and I didn’t want to waste the opportunity when it finally presented itself to me: she was going to be one of the guest performers in an inspirational concert near me. (Technically, it wasn’t very near: it’s a few cities over, but compared to the distance from my hometown versus the boarding house I currently reside in, it’s definitely not as far. She rarely visits my hometown.)

Because the tickets were quite costly (and I really wanted to get a good seat, so, yep, it would cost me more), I had to really think it through. I had to put away the decision for a while and thought about the pros and cons of going. Is it really important to me that I see her perform live? What difference would it make if I just watch videos of her of that night (because I’m sure someone will record and upload videos)? Will it really be worth my money? Take note, I’m only going for her and for no one else, and she’s not the main performer in that event, she was just a guest, so she might not be staying onstage as long as I expect her to be. What if I just wait for her solo concert? What if it might not be worth the money I spend?

…And so on. For good reason! I don’t have unlimited money I can throw away willy-nilly. What more, I was going alone, and the venue was a little far from my place, and it was a night event, which meant I wouldn’t make it to the curfew at the boarding house, so I have to really plan things through and stay somewhere else after the concert. It would be a lot of effort if I really decide to go.

And, yes, I decided to go in the end.

Watching videos of her performances was an everyday habit, and I just couldn’t help myself but want the actual experience. She might not be performing in the country for a while afterwards (she just had a whole bunch of concerts and shows done in and out of the country), so it might be the only opportunity I will ever have. I also have been encouraged after talking to some of her fans who shared their experience of going to her concerts and personally meeting her. It really was one of dreams in life to watch her live, and this was my chance, and I really didn’t want to miss it. So, after seeing that the seats I really wanted were starting to become taken by other people, I decided to grab that seat. “Give it to me! I want a good one!”

Honestly, I was also a little embarrassed to go alone. It was the exact feeling I had when I first watched a movie by myself at the cinema, which was a very silly feeling, but I just couldn’t help it at that time. I was scared of being judged. I imagined that people would go in pairs and in groups, and I would most likely stand out on my own, and then people would judge me, laugh at me… you know, your usual paranoid thoughts. After some time, though, I did get over it. Even better, I felt super cool for going by myself. I felt that I’m independent and self-assured. I thought it wasn’t something other people would be able to do. I felt gutsy about it and very excited.

Days and days passed. Days before the concert, I panicked a little bit, because I still didn’t have a place to stay for the night, and I haven’t been to the venue yet so I wasn’t at all familiar with the place. I was only able to book a room at a hostel on the day of the concert, thanks to a booking app I should have used a long time ago. Even though I had a good amount of time to prepare for the whole thing, both mentally and,um, in the practical matters, well, for some reason, I decided to be spontaneous and barely managed to organize everything for myself on the day itself, September 15.

It was a super stressful day for me! In the morning, I had my room booked, and I semi-planned in my brain how I would go about the whole “adventure” as I called it later. Instead of taking public transportation, I decided to ride a taxi, since it was a Friday, and I was very sure that the traffic would be worse than usual. The concert wouldn’t start at 8 pm, so I still had a lot of time to roam around and maybe stay in the hostel if I wanted to. So, at around 2 pm, I left the boarding house, rode a jeepney to a mini-mall near an MRT station, so I could grab some lunch first. To calm myself down and to set a “relaxing” mood for the day — basically moving in my usual pace — I stayed for a bit after my lunch. “A bit” being two hours. At that time, I planned that I would get to the concert venue at 6 pm, so I wouldn’t be late. Before that, I wanted to get settled in my hostel room first and leave my overnight stuff. Since it was approaching 4 pm, I decided to go to my hostel. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to even get into a taxi. The first one I booked, we couldn’t “meet up” because of the complicated road system of the place. It’s kind of hard to explain: the taxi has to go around the whole place because there’s only one way, it’s a very crowded place (by vehicles — heavy traffic), since it’s near the highway, and it’s also a jeepney station. It was a mess. What more, my data connection was very poor, so we couldn’t properly contact each other. We almost “met up,” but the taxi passed by me and was already at the exit to the super crowded highway before we were able to, and since it was only one way, he had to take the same route he did prior to that and go around the whole place again. After minutes and minutes, I just decided to give up. I was starting to get really stressed about the whole situation. I took pity on the driver, too. I decided to book another ride. This time, I used a different app so it would be a different driver. Since my data connection was still piss-poor, it took us a while to meet up as well. In the end, at least I was able to locate the taxi by myself, and while the taxi stayed in one place a few minutes’ walk away (I think the driver gave up, too, since he couldn’t find my location, and thank God he did! At least one of us is stationary, unlike the previous one where we chased each other), I decided to approach the taxi by myself. And wooh, finally!

Still, the traffic was pretty bad, so what should have been a 20-minute ride turned into a 40-minute one. I was very stressed at that point. I felt I was running out of time, too. And, my phone battery was on the verge of death.

But what stressed me out even more was when I finally arrived at my destination: the hostel I would be staying in that night. What I definitely did not know was it was right in the middle of the red light district! The first time I stepped on that street, I couldn’t even find the place I was looking for, but everywhere I could see clubs, bars, you name it. There was a lot. I was, let’s say, “very surprised.” It was approaching nighttime, too, so the place was getting pretty active. It was definitely one of the greatest WT¥o____O!!!!! moments of my life. I was so dumbfounded and so… lost.

Thankfully, there was a convenience store right across the street, and I decided to stay there for a bit and “unwind” from all the freaking surprises of the day. I bought some snacks, refreshed myself a little bit, while discreetly looking through the window, trying to figure out where the heck my hostel was. Oh, I also “won” a tumbler from a raffle! I thought it was the universe paying me after all the stress I’d gone through so far. 😆 A few minutes later, I finally found the entrance to the hostel. I was running out of time, so I finally decided to go upstairs where the hostel was, only to find out that I had to wait for a while, because my room wasn’t ready, and there was a customer whom the hostel people had to “settle things with.” It was pretty bad, and they were getting into a nasty argument, but I had enough myself, I just wanted to keep out of the whole situation. I didn’t reply when the person asked me a question (I actually thought it was rhetorical). I just replied with an apologetic smile. Anyway, I was quickly getting worried because I was running out of time. My phone battery was almost 0%, and it was almost 6 pm, and I was desperate about not being late but still being able to charge my phone. (I didn’t have a power bank with me.) The hostel people ended up giving me a different room than I initially booked, but I accepted without complaints; it was still a private room, so I was just happy about that. When I finally had my alone time, I let out all my inner freak-outs, panicked a little bit, plugged my phone, arranged my things… the works.

After getting some 30 minutes of rest, it was 6:30 pm, and I bolted down to the convenience store which was the pick-up point of the ride I booked, only to find out that no one accepted my request (I pre-booked), and I basically went down for nothing. My phone was only able to charge up to 15%. I was desperate and getting more and more stressed yet again, I had not predicted that there wouldn’t be any taxis that time of the day, not to mention the traffic was really bad. My data connection and GPS were gobbling my battery life really hard and fast, and I was about to cry and really feeling sorry for myself. I had to think up of an alternative; I thought of taking public transpo, but there was no way I would be getting there on time. Not to mention I had to take a bus (which I was sure would be very crowded since it’s rush hour) and not just a jeepney to get to my location (insane traffic!), and I’m not familiar with the routes! I could get lost, and because of the hellish traffic, it would be very time-consuming. I was on the verge of tears. There was no way I couldn’t go, I spent a lot of money on that ticket, and I have been hyping myself up for that concert for weeks! I was about to see my favorite singer perform live, and then suddenly, it wouldn’t happen anymore. I felt very cheated.

I was alone, in the middle of the red light district, with real tears in my eyes, because I wouldn’t be able to go that concert after all that stress, effort, and anticipation… It would be a very amusing picture if only I wasn’t so hopeless and sad.

Just as both my hope and my phone were about to die, I suddenly got a notification that a driver accepted my request! There’s a taxi!!!

Oh god, you had no idea how happy and relieved I was! I was so, SO grateful. It was like the universe was teasing me throughout the whole day.

The traffic was as bad as I expected it to be, and my expectations were up there. It was already almost 7 pm, and I was both panicking and calming myself down at the same time. My phone was at 3%, and I had to turn it off then. Of course, I felt really disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to take pictures and videos of the event like I wanted, but, honestly, compared to all the other problems I had gone through that day, it was nothing. I was just so thankful to be able to attend the concert at all!

I was excited and nervous throughout the whole ride. I haven’t been to the venue, so I wouldn’t know the first thing to do and the first place to go to when I arrive there. Luckily, we were able to get inside the place, and I could clearly see the line of people getting in, so I just had to go with the flow from there. You would think everything would be smooth-sailing from there onwards, but no… I ended up taking the wrong line. When I got inside, I had to find my seat myself because the ushers didn’t know, and they all knew different seating arrangements. Some said I had to sit on the chair indicated on my ticket. Some said the section where my seat was was only for people with complimentary tickets, and people like me who paid for their tickets can sit in the VIP section. I had to ask different people, and they all contradicted each other. In the end, I just decided to be honest and just follow what was indicated on my ticket. Besides, it was a good seat with a good view! That, I was super happy about!

And, finally, I was relaxed and was just peacefully waiting for the concert to begin.

Impressions. Firstly, I admit I was a little disappointed with the venue. I had pretty high expectations, but it turned out to be a normal gymnasium. I have to blame myself for even expecting, though. I just couldn’t help it, since the performers, especially Lani Misalucha, were big names and, Ms. Lani, especially, usually performs in theaters, ballrooms, big domes, the like. I don’t want to review the whole stage and production. I haven’t been to many concerts, so I have nothing to compare it to, too, but I thought the stage looked good. There was a place for the live band, three screens. What I especially loved were the lights! They gave personality to the stage. In the middle of the gymnasium, before the stage, were tables for VIP guests. There was a dinner for them. There weren’t a lot of people compared to the size of the place. While waiting, I was able to chat with one of the ushers, and he said that there wouldn’t be a lot of attendees that night, because all the concerts were happening at the same time. Also, I thought they didn’t really promote the event a lot. Later, I overheard the lady beside me say that she didn’t even know there was an event. Honestly, however, I was kind of thankful, too, that there weren’t too many people. It would make the experience a little less stressful for me.

It was funny that I was freaking out about getting late for the concert, when in the end, I had to wait for an hour before it even started. The concert started at 9 pm.

The concert I attended was entitled Dare to Fly, an inspirational event by Jessica Cox as the main speaker, with guest performers Yeng Constantino and Lani Misalucha, and hosted by Miriam Quiambao. And I’m going to be upfront and say right before everything, that I came only for Ms. Lani. If she weren’t in that concert, I would still be at the boarding house, just relaxing, most likely by watching videos of her live performances. I didn’t care who the other celebrities were — they were just a mere bonus — I was there for her. And this was reflected on my feelings throughout the whole concert. Basically, I really didn’t feel the worth of my time and money until she came out.

The front act was by a band called Seeds of Soul, and they performed for an hour. They performed a lot of popular songs, which hyped the crowd, which consisted of students, mostly. I thought one of the guy vocalists (there were three vocalists, two men and one woman) was really good! He had quite the vocal range.

After they performed, Ms. Quiambao officially started the event. I think she might be the second celebrity I have seen in person then. (The first one was Alex Gonzaga when she had a mall tour in Davao City, my hometown.) She was quite tall, I thought. Well, I should have expected that, given her background as a beauty queen.

Miriam Quiambao was the host for the event.

Next was the inspirational speeches, the main part of the event. I don’t remember the name of the first speaker, but she was a pioneer female pilot. She introduced some of her very young colleagues to the audience. It was very inspiring, because they were all women having fun and making it in a male-dominated field: flying! It was their event!

Jessica Cox

After them, was the main speaker, Ms. Jessica Cox. Ms. Cox is the first armless pilot in the world. She is also the first armless black belter in the American Taekwondo Association. She is also a swimmer! She talked about her early life, her struggles growing up with her disability, and her overcoming it. She even demonstrated to us how she ties her shoelaces, how she puts on her headset, how she opens a can of soda (which was really effortless and awesome, I thought), and how she pours the same soda to a cup to give it to someone else. What I liked the most, and what I took away from her that night, was how she defined fear. She defined fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. As someone who has been a slave to fear almost all my life, I’m archiving that in my Things to Remember When Crippled by Anxiety cabinets. It’s definitely easier than done, but it’s always helpful to receive reminders like these, even though, in the end, it might not work for me.

Next was the long-awaited entertainment segment! The first to perform was Yeng Constantino. I wasn’t really a fan of Yeng, but the youth around me definitely was! I believe most of them were most excited about her presence and performance that night. And even though I didn’t feel as hyped as they were, I was still thrilled to see her perform live. She is someone I see a lot on TV on It’s Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan, and it was just surreal to think that suddenly I was able to see her in person. She sang four songs in total, all her hits. I knew some of them, so I was able to fit in a little. 😅 I also mentally counted all of her songs, so I could make a guess about how many songs Lani would sing later. She also used a minus one (instrumental) instead of performing with a live band, which worried me, because I didn’t want Lani to perform with an instrumental. That would be a very big disappointment for me. You could tell that at that point, I was already setting standards about what to expect and what I want to see from Ms. Lani’s performance. 😝

Yeng hyped the crowd with her hits!

I was inwardly freaking out when Yeng left the stage. It was Ms. Lani’s turn! 😱 I was very, very excited! Ms. Miriam took the reigns for a bit and did some impromptu storytelling and interviewing with the crowd as Ms. Lani was getting ready. And I was so happy when I saw the band come out and prepare their instruments. The waiting time was prolonged for a few minutes. I was getting impatient but also not; I wanted Ms. Lani to come out already, but I also didn’t want the anticipation to end. And then I saw one of the guys approach Ms. Miriam telling her that everything’s ready, but the lady she was interviewing still wasn’t finished speaking, so I was able to sneak a look at Ms. Lani standing near the stage with her back to me, all prepared.

You can’t imagine how excited and happy and euphoric I felt at that time. I’m writing this exact sentence ten days later, and as I try to relive the moment through my writing, I’m feeling it all yet again! AAAAHHHHHH!!! I had a secret fangirl meltdown inside me. I couldn’t believe she was right there! That the person I had been so regularly amazed and awed by is right in front of me, about to amaze and awe me in a more vivid way this time.

And then, it was finally her time to shine!

She was introduced, and the crowd cheered, and I cheered, and I felt I was going to lose my $&!¥ in a very good way.

I really thought that I would be SO USED to her voice since I hear it all the time (if you could only see my Youtube and Spotify playlists and history…), but my mouth was literally hanging open (as the two bekis beside me, I saw!) when I heard her sing for the first time… “Amazing” is an understatement. There were other performers before her, but when SHE comes on that stage, SHE OWNS IT a million percent! It almost felt like it was HER concert (it wasn’t!). She is such a total performer! Her stage presence is out of this world!!! It’s the first thing you notice when you see her perform. She has an aura onstage that really forces you to pay attention to her. She performs like she’s important, like she knows she’s awesome, she really gives her all, and I freaking love that! She’s honestly kinda intimidating onstage in a good way.

And her voice… You guys, it’s something that you really need to hear in person to fully appreciate. The funny thing to me was that the performers before her were singing a lot of rock songs, but Lani Misalucha is THE ROCKSTAR!!! She didn’t even sing rock songs, but daaaaamn. Her voice is SOOOO POWERFUL. I was so shocked! I’ve always known that, I mean, it’s her trademark; but I’m telling you: a powerful voice is different live vs. when it’s recorded. There’s a BIG difference. Another funny thing: when I heard the first performers sing, I thought the sound system sucked (not loud/clear enough), but when she came onstage, she’s like a complete sound system herself. I was surprised at how loud her voice was/can be!

She is such a “strong” singer, and I’m not talking about power, pitch, or volume… In fact, soft or loud, low or high, her singing is beautiful. (I’m probably one of the few who prefers her soft singing to her loud — although I love both, of course — but there is something so much more beautiful about her soft singing that’s just… *insert dreamy sigh here*) There is something “strong” about her — not just her singing, but her as a performer, as a whole package… I don’t know what the right word is. It’s like when she performs, she “consumes” you. My words aren’t definitely giving her justice. Her repertoire of songs, too, was really impressive… Not easy songs AT ALL, but, well, duh, it’s Ms. Lani we’re talking about here, so… I was also on the edge of my seat the whole time, so as the bekis beside me. I even closed my eyes in some parts just to concentrate on her singing, but I didn’t want to miss a single thing, so I had to keep my eyes open again.

Honestly, to me, she felt kinda out of place in a good way in that event. She was too good for that show, I thought. I seriously hope she got paid well. The money and time I spent were super worth it already just from HER performance alone. It was just right that she was the last to perform. She really is in a different level as a singer and as a performer. Seriously. She performs like she’s expensive (which I’m sure she is)!

Also, I LOVED that she had a live band with her (with the Mr. Noel Santiago that I mentioned before(!!!) and Mr. Mel Villena as the musical director). For some reason, this is a big deal to me. I don’t really like it when singers use a minus one in a live performance. Lastly, she looked dang fabulous in that outfit!!!

My phone was at 1% before the event started (it’s a long story…), so sadly I wasn’t able to take any videos, but I think it was a blessing in disguise, because it made me give my full attention to the whole experience itself. I’m definitely going to her next solo concert. I’m gonna start saving. I want more, so much more of that beautiful singing! And hopefully in a much better setting with less background noise, so I can concentrate more on that nightingale voice and the subtle nuances of her singing.

I feel like I could and should write so much more. It was such a dream come true for me. She has always been my favorite singer since I was a kid, and I’m so proud that the younger me had good taste!

The italicized text above I wrote a few hours right after the event. I had to get it all out while it was still fresh, and I wanted my thoughts to be as authentic and true to what I experienced as possible.

Lani Misalucha was definitely the Queen of the Night!

Ms. Lani was absolutely breathtaking! After that, I could finally say that she is definitely, without a doubt, in a different league as a singer and as a performer. Mind you, I already said that way before I have seen her perform live, but actually watching her perform live completely sealed it for me. Even from her videos, I was already super awed and breathless from her talents, but, boy, she is totally so much better, endlessly a lot better live! I’m telling you right now, if you are a Lani Misalucha fan who still has not heard her sing in person, but you are already amazed by the videos of her performances, I’m telling you: you think she’s amazing now, but when you finally watch her, your good opinion of her will be very much intensified. I have thought about it, and I think I have figured it out, at least, for me, it is because:

  • You cannot feel stage presence from a recording. Ms. Lani’s stage presence punched me in the face in its intensity. Damn! That was something I totally did not expect. And I have seen a lot of her performances! She is a beast onstage!
  • The vocal dynamics Ms. Lani is known for, her famous modulation skills, is something that you can only authentically experience live. Because I believe the audio on TV and video recordings are normalized and compressed, and a lot of the dynamics is lost. Sure, you can still hear it in a recording, but, trust me, it’s a lot better, a lot richer, a lot more goosebumps-inducing, live.
  • Like I said above, there is a lot of difference between a recorded voice and a “raw” voice — the voice itself — with just air between the speaker/singer and your ear. Ms. Lani’s voice is very beautiful. Then again, I have always known that.
  • It’s just different when you’re personally there. Period. The experience is priceless and is something that you can’t simulate or replicate in any other way. ✨

More about stage presence. I wrote a tweet storm about it:

Lani Misalucha obviously falls under the second category.

Ms. Lani repertoire that night was all heavy ‘buwis-buhay’ songs, or maybe it is just the way she performs. I was taken aback by that, but, of course, for someone like her, that was something I should have expected! The level of difficulty of her singing is just really up there. My jaw was literally hanging open throughout her performances. The first song she sang was Sound of Silence, which, was also her richest song for me that night. It was a performance that really took my breath away, as I could clearly make out the richness of her tone that I love so much. Low notes, high notes, soft or loud, I was in awe. Next was her most hyped song that night for me, and one that I immediately recognized, her version of Queen of the Night! It was her showiest song that night, too. By “showiest,” I mean the song that really showed off how awesome she is. 😛 After that, she sang Celebrate, then her song Unbreakable, then her breathtaking version of Bridge Over Troubled Water (if you can sing her version, I would automatically think you’re amazing), then, of course, her concert wouldn’t be complete without her Whitney Houston Medley (I internally freaked out, because she sang some of the songs I’ve always wanted to hear her sing live), and then a Michael Jackson Medley (which she sang as she went ‘round the dome and took selfies and shook hands with the audience), and her last song was her most famous hit and the most requested by the audience, Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin (which is up there for me with her Sound of Silence as another one of her richest songs that night). In between songs, she also interacted with the audience, going as far as having a duet with this one guy, who, I couldn’t tell if he was just too drunk that night, or if he really was just like that. I freaked out every time she turned to look at our way (where I was seated). Every time we waved to her, she waved back, and when she waved to us, we waved back as well. 😂 I wanted to shout, “I love you, Lani!!!” but my voice is too soft. It was a very lively night, and it was very entertaining!

They say anyone who sees her perform always becomes an instant fan, and I have seen why with my own two eyes! Seriously, I recommend her to my friends and family. 😹

Daaaaaamn. I’m thinking back. So many emotions I have gone through that day and that night. It was such a disaster of a day that ended beautifully. Even though I had gone through all that stress, I would still go through them all all over again if it meant having to experience what I did in that concert. It was super worth all my time, money, and effort — and just from Ms. Lani’s presence and performance alone, even without all the others. Honestly? I wrote it above: I didn’t really feel it was all worth it until she came out. I felt I spent too much on something worth less — no offense to the speakers and the other performers, but I guess this also comes from the fact that I’m not particularly into concerts, and I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the other performers that night, either. I’m not saying I did not enjoy the event at all, because I did! I had tons of fun, sharing that joy with other people. But I just have to make a special mention to Ms. Lani, who alone made the event worth it for me. I even thought I should have paid more for her performance. Really, she honestly was too good for the event! But, of course, in the end, I was thrilled that I did go, to just be in the same room and share the same air with my idol and a living legend.

I was so glad that one of my dreams came true. I never would have expected it to happen! And so fast, too! To be honest, I wasn’t even a fan for a long time. Only for a few months, since July. But I have always liked her before. Even as a child, when I think of “a brilliant singer in the Philippines,” I think of her. I remember that every time she comes out on TV, I get all super excited. I’ve always looked at her with so much respect, but it was only recently that I was no longer casual about it. Now, I’m super into it! It is really crazy how things evolve. The thing is, the thing that’s changed: I have always known she was awesome, but I didn’t know how awesome. When I found out, I was hooked, and there is no getting out. I promised that I would definitely go to her next solo concert in the country. I’m sure it would be very much worth it. And the exciting part is I could possibly finally meet some of the friends I have met because of her, too!

One day, I also want to take my family to her concerts. I’m sure they will love it. I guess this is my next life goal? Hahaha. 😋

Oh, after that concert, of course, you can only imagine how energized I was about it. I couldn’t get over it for the longest time. The miracle was my phone battery actually lasted for more than an hour at 1%! I wanted to sneak in some photos, and thankfully, while they were all not very good (the people onstage could be anyone, really; it’s that bad), I was able to take some. Since Ms. Lani was the last to perform, I had to turn off my phone to conserve battery life. I had to think through which one would be more energy efficient: battery-saving mode or completely turning it off. It sounds like a silly question, but I was legitimately asking myself, because it could be that it takes a lot more energy to turn it off and on again. I really wanted to take a picture of her, even though my phone kept on dying in the middle of it, I was able to take a good one! Also, I was surprised to find out that my phone saved that 5-second [completely useless] video I tried to take even though my phone died on me while I was taking it. It wasn’t a very useful recording, but, at least I had proof I was there. Plus, I was able to record Ms. Lani’s voice. Nyaha.

When the concert finished, my phone was completely dead. Since it was dead, there was no way I could book a ride through it, so I had to manually look for a taxi with hopefully a trustworthy driver. It was 2 am. And I was, honestly, terrified deep inside but calm on the outside. I followed the crowd out, only to find out that the crowd I followed had a bus pool I wasn’t part of. So I immediately pretended I forgot something and went back my way. And then it’s when I noticed that there is a 7-Eleven nearby! Yoohoo! Of course, they had a charging station, so I was able to charge up my phone. If only I had known about it before, I could have done it before the concert…

I refreshed myself for a while with some coffee as I waited for my phone to charge. Then, when I felt I was good to go, I booked a ride through my phone, thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t have to go through the stress of manually finding a cab and not knowing if I should trust the driver or not at this hour of the night. I think it was also the first time that I didn’t pay the “you have to pay this amount because our taxis are in demand right now” thingy, and I was shocked at the difference. When I finally arrived, I stopped by the convenience store across the street to grab some more food, before walking to the hostel, to my room, letting the idea once again that “I’m currently alone in a room in the middle of the nightlife and red light district of Makati” wash over me. I also couldn’t sleep that night, because I had so much to say about that concert, and, of course, my whole situation and the rollercoaster of emotions I had gone through.

It was 3 am when I arrived. I was only able to finally get some sleep at 7 am. The time in between I spent talking to myself, rejoicing, losing my mind, tweeting about the concert, about Ms. Lani, messaging my friends and freaking out about the whole experience, writing tweet storms and long text, getting out all my feelings and opinions, letting the fan inside me live.

I woke up at 9 or 10 am,surprisingly feeling well-rested.

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