Personal Philosophies

There are some thoughts that may seem too harsh or negative at first glance, but are actually comforting for me. For example, the thought that everything is essentially meaningless, and in the end, nothing really matters. This idea helps me live a more carefree and stress-free life. What is the point of worrying about things when, in the grand scheme of things, in the end, they are meaningless?

I don’t believe in a supreme being, someone omnipotent, omniscient, someone who created everything and governs the universe. I don’t believe in that kind of god, and my definition of “God” has changed over the years. I don’t believe that someone else, a being higher than me, is in charge of my life. This also helped me a lot. It made me believe that I am in charge of my own life. Everything I do is the work of my own hands, of my own volition, and I should face the consequences of my actions. It made me believe that there is power to be found inside of me, that I can do things. If I want to make a change or to get anything done, anything I need to accomplish that is already in me. I’m not in anyone’s mercy.

While I don’t believe in that kind of god, I still believe in the concept of good and evil, the importance of kindness and compassion in the world.

I no longer believe in magical karma, but I still believe that what goes around comes around, and that is not because there’s someone behind the scenes doing everything, but because of cause-and-effect. That kind of karma I believe.

Speaking of cause-and-effect, isn’t it amazing how it is the driving force behind everything? How it keeps everything going and moving forward? Whatever is happening right now is caused by something that happened, which in turn was caused by something else, and so on. Maybe if we trace it far enough, we could determine the origin of everything.

The idea that we are almost nothing in the larger scale of the universe — or the multiverse, if it exists — gives me perspective. I worry too much about what’s going on in my life, when in the bigger perspective, they are too miniscule to be called problems at all. This doesn’t erase my problems, of course. It just calms me a little bit.

This is related to the first paragraph: I am also fine with the idea that not everything in this world has to be meaningful. I think we make too much out of nothing sometimes. We get worked up about figuring out the meaning behind things. Why, anyway? Why that insistence for the existence of meaning? Some things don’t have to have a deeper meaning; they just are. It doesn’t make those things superficial at all. What is that need for depth, anyway? And that rejection of “superficial” things? (If you are the person to only elevate “deep” things and scoff at anything “superficial,” doesn’t that also make you superficial in a way?) It could be anything, like life.


These are all my personal beliefs, and I respect people who don’t believe in the same things as I do. That’s totally fine, because we are all different, and what works for me might not work for others. Personally, I think we are all allowed to carry beliefs and convictions that are beneficial to our sanity and peace of mind, as long as they don’t hurt or oppress others. We all individually have unique perspectives on how life works and how it works for us.

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