Paper Carvings Self-Review #1

This post will be something of a self-review of this blog from my first post up to the one before this.

When I first resurrected this blog, I had a clear idea of what kind of blog it will be, what kind of posts I’ll be posting. Like I have said before, I didn’t want a journal of my day-to-day life. I have done it before on a different platform (LiveJournal), and while it worked for me for a long time, I can’t do it anymore. Plus, if it’s going to be a public blog such as this, there is absolutely no way I will be divulging personal details of my daily life, unless it’s something really significant. I wanted this blog to not focus on that. I wanted this blog to be a notepad for my “reflections” and random (or organized) ponderings.

So far, so good! ✨

I also didn’t — and still don’t — want to end up talking about the same topics over and over again. I want each post to be entirely different, although sometimes I couldn’t help myself, and I end up writing a post that is almost like a rewrite of or response (which is great) to an older one, but that’s okay, too. Most importantly, I didn’t want to be writing for anyone other than myself. This blog is and will always be a form of self-talk and self-therapy. Every time I had an online blog or journal, my main audience has always been myself, and I want it to remain that way. I am not and I won’t be writing for others or an intended audience. If anyone happens to visit my blog and like its contents, then that’s awesome. Bottom line, however, this is and will always be me talking to myself, and that’s it.

I am super satisfied with how things are going right now. My favorite posts are all posts under Reflections obviously. 😊 I like it better when I end up writing something long than writing something brief. I tend to write longer posts, I noticed, when I don’t have a specific structure or objective in mind, so I just let my brain ramble on and on. I like that style of writing process for this kind of place, and it appropriately fits the “introspection” theme.

I remember having a sort of slump earlier this year and maybe late 2017, but it’s not too bad, and while there have been times when I have forgotten that I actually have this place, I always managed to chew something out in the end. There are some inconsistencies as to my perceived quality of my posts based on my own standards exactly because of that, but I would say a little imperfection can make an interesting personality. (Excuses.)

I think I will occasionally be doing this self-review every year. It’s a good way to check this blog and its progress and improvements, if I’m doing better or worse, and as a sort of cross-examination of the vision I have in mind versus what my blog actually is. Right now: pretty good! 👍

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