Я не умер.

It feels like it’s been ages since I posted anything here. First of all, I forgot to renew my domain on time, so this blog was inaccessible for weeks. I managed to retrieve it before the grace period ended. I actually planned to just replace lysianth.us with meowandsparkle.party, a domain that I already pre-registered for five years, but I guess I am too attached to this one, not to mention it’s basically a personal brand thing. It’s too valuable. So it’s back.

A lot has happened since my last post. A few things:

  • One year has been added to my age.
  • I found new things to obsess about. I have been watching anime again recently. I found a few new favorite titles (both anime and manga), namely, Black Lagoon (I looove this series), Noragami, Kaiji. On top of that, I also got to know new favorite characters: Balalaika (I LOVE HER SO MUCH, I want to be her employee) from Black Lagoon, and Bishamon from Noragami.
  • I found a new favorite novel in Daphne du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel. While I have said many times in the past that Rebecca is my favorite du Maurier novel, that status is in danger now.
  • I flew back home for my summer vacation. My family has been trying something new recently, and I spent my vacation working at our family store.
  • I went island-hopping for the first time!
  • We got robbed.
  • I came up with a way to deal with my head when I get unsettled by Something in Particular.
  • Я серьезно изучаю русский язык! Add me on Duolingo! I really love the language, and it’s so fun to learn, and I’m very motivated! I even made it to a 48-day streak on Duolingo — up until one day, I was too busy and exhausted from working that I forgot to do my daily exercises. 😭
  • I met new friends and also reconnected with old ones. 💖

In terms of my mental and emotional health, things have been trying for me again recently, but I’m hoping that I will pull through.

This is my quick life update for now.

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