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I originally planned to write an Obligatory New Year Post for this year back in January, but I guess it’s too late for that now. I also planned to make My Books of [Year] a yearly thing originally, but I guess it’s too late for that now, too?

Or not!

My Books of 2018

Last year, I read a total of 90 books! That’s honestly a lot! 36 of those were graphic novels. My best record yet!

Last year, I read a lot of Agatha Christie books. I read all the Miss Marple stories and some of the Hercule Poirot stories I haven’t read yet. And with that, I can finally say that I have read all of the Miss Marple books! Just a few more on Hercule Poirot now. I also found a new favorite book in Daphne du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel, which I read twice. Perhaps that, as well as some of the José Saramago titles — namely, Cain and The Gospel According to Jesus Christ among others — I have read in 2018, and Michael Crichton’s The Great Train Robbery would count as my most liked books of last year. My least liked read would definitely go to Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West, not because of its gore, which I never shy away from in my novels; I just felt that it was too repetitive and was more about style than substance.

I’ve already started my reading challenge for this year, and I plan to read 30 books again. That amount is always my most realistic, base goal.

Trying this one out again…

Some time last year, I bought a journal. This time, I’m actually using it! It’s been a long time since I kept a proper journal. Most of the time, I become too perfectionist about using one, that if I can’t think of a system of using it “properly,” I end up not writing on it at all! This time, however, I promised that I would be 100% gentle on myself and just surrender myself completely when writing on it. I bought a pen set of different colors to give myself some creative space, too. So far, so good! It basically became my spontaneous rambling space. I just get down and write whatever comes to mind. It’s been a really good emotional outlet for me, and since it’s so colorful, it’s so much fun!

My only complaint would be that I still use it sparingly and not as often as I thought I would, but that’s fine. Just as I promised, there will be no judgments.

I’m a gamer?

Some time last December, I recently got back to fangirling about my number one favorite video game character ever: BAYONETTA! If you don’t know her, excuse me!?

I actually don’t play games much except for my go-to The Sims 3 and some casual games on my computer and the occasional Call of Duty on the PSP. (My Game Boy addiction as a kid doesn’t really count, does it?) A lot of the time, my gaming knowledge I get from watching Let’s Plays on YouTube. But Bayonetta has always been close to my heart ever since I found out about her character from a shrine someone made about her a long time ago. I don’t remember my age specifically, but I was very young at that time, and I became a big fan of the character and watched all of the cutscenes of her first game on YouTube. That was way before Bayonetta 2 came out. When Bayonetta 2 came out, I was rejoicing on Tumblr with the other fans there. That was in 2014.

Even though I loved the character so much, I actually haven’t played any of her games. I changed that last December. As a present for myself, I bought the first game, which was available on Steam. I freaking loved it!!!! Just within my first month of playing it, I already logged more than a hundred hours on it. The amount of adrenaline I get from the gameplay is incredibly addictive, and the characters are so much fun. Bayonetta herself is so funny, and badass, and awesome, and sexy, and the embodiment of pure fun, among other things, but then again, I’ve always known that.

Right now, I’m saving up for a Switch, so I can play Bayonetta 3 when it comes out (and also Bayonetta 2, and maybe replay 1 again). I’m so excited!

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  1. Wow, 90 books! That’s crazy! I tried to get to 25 and failed miserably. I started out okay but somewhere around July or August I got really behind. I read a few Agatha Christie books when I was a teen and I think I read a few of her Miss Marple books. I really should try them again.

    I love the Sims 3 and 4. I mostly play 4 now but 3 was the best! I spend hours playing but can never keep up on the expansion and game packs. They get so expensive to keep up with. The only other game I play a lot of is Forza Horizon 4. I love cars and racing and an open world to drive around in.

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