Piecement Places

Earlier this year, I found out about the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC). Thanks to YouTube recommended, I stumbled upon around a half-hour-long video of competitive tetris — and that’s where it all began. I never knew that tetris could be so thrilling! I became a watchful subscriber of the Classic Tetris community (albeit secretly, as a spectator). I’ve come to learn also a bit of techniques from watching professionals play and started to enjoy playing a lot of tetris myself.

In the CTWC community, I also have my favorite players. My favorites are Koryan and Greentea. Koryan is such an excellent stacker; his board is always so clean. Greentea is so entertaining to watch with his expressive facial expressions, not to mention he’s so flexible at positioning his pieces, too. I also like Quaid, Jonas, and I guess I’m soft with the OGs.

I was lucky enough to have gotten into tetris before the this year’s CTWC. It was so exciting watching the games live on Twitch and rooting for my favorites. I genuinely can’t wait for next year! I’m expecting a lot of new blood, too.

Tetris wasn’t the only interest that got ahold of me by the neck this year (by the neck, yes, it’s that intense). To even my surprise, I also started getting into chess! It’s also thanks to YouTube. I stumbled on a channel called agadmator, and I couldn’t stop watching his chess analyses videos. I couldn’t help but get into actually playing chess after all that exposure, of course. I mean, why wouldn’t I get envious?

I’m not exactly a chess expert, but it’s fun to play. (Add me on Lichess!) I even got my girlfriend into it, too. We occasionally play against each other. I’m too wimpy to play against real chess players, so I usually just play against AI. 😝

It’s the end of the year already, so I’m not sure if there will be more addictions that will make its way into my life before the year ends, but if there does, I shall welcome it with open arms. I need as much fun and entertainment as possible in my life! 🤟

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