This Is What’s New

Not much.

Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! is my new addiction! I have binged their No Laughing Batsu Game series, Kiki series, and Absolutely Tasty series over and over again and am about to watch more of their other episodes. I love their comedy. They rock!

I haven’t been playing against real people much, but I have been doing chess puzzles every day for a while now. Not quite sure yet how much it improved my playing, but I sure hope it did. I at least can say that I can beat CPU 4 on’s Play Against Computer and the CPU with an elo of 1235 on this Android app I’m using on my phone. To be honest, my ultimate goal in chess is to just get past the 1200 rating (the “real” beginner level, hehe).

I am expanding my VPS collection. I have four active VPSes — two from RamNode, one from BuyVM, and a NAT VPS from Gullo’s Hosting. I might take a Hetzner box for a spin one of these days when I’m feeling like it. I set up my own personal VPN, as well as a Plex Media Server for my personal media needs. I’ve been debating whether or not to use Hugo for this blog to simplify everything, but I’ve been thinking of starting a tech/dev blog, so maybe I’ll use Hugo for that one instead.

I also completed my reading challenge last month! Pretty early in the year for me. Yay!

Less about hobbies and more about personal life: because of the quarantine, I couldn’t go to the drugstore to buy my antidepressants, so I had no choice but to abruptly stop taking them. I was fine for a week, but during the next, I experienced “flickering” in my body (the physiological equivalent of how the TV loses signal and goes static for a microsecond before the picture comes on again) and constant nausea. It was hard to be productive (mostly with the nausea, the flickering I could live with). It went on for days, until finally I was able to buy medicine this morning. Phew.

My boarding house had a COVID-19 scare as well. One of the family members, the elderly of the family (also my old landlady), got terribly sick, and they were worried that it could be the dreaded virus. There was a night when my roommate and I considered that we would become PUIs, and that we would be left no choice but to self-quarantine. Since we get our meals from the outside daily, it would be a huge challenge for us. Thankfully, the laboratory tests said it wasn’t COVID-19. The family decided to self-quarantine just to be safe, while the boarders could still go out of the house. Now, things are getting back to normal in the house, since my old landlady is getting better each day.

That’s it for now. I know this post is a mess of ramblings, but yeah. This is how I used to write my posts when I still had my LiveJournal! God, I miss those days.

The end.

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