Holy guacamole! So much has changed since the last time I posted, I felt like my previous post actually jinxed the turn of events. I mentioned previously that we had a COVID-19 scare, but after that, we had — not just a scare, but an actual case in the boarding house. My roommate tested positive for the virus, but she was asymptomatic. This immediately turned things upside down for us. We had to go to self-quarantine again, for real this time. Since we weren’t to be tested ourselves unless we exhibit symptoms during that 14-day period, we were all wary of each other. What if one of us was positive, too?

It was a few days later when I also had to get tested, because I was considered a close contact, being that we stayed in the same room and “breathed the same air” as the doctor who talked to me told me. I was swabbed — it was an experience — and continued my self-quarantine. Thankfully, my landlady fed me (I couldn’t thank her enough), since I (we) couldn’t get out of the house at all. My roommate (who was moved to a facility for COVID-19-positive patients) texted me that my results were negative. That was a relief, but the days before that text message, I was extremely anxious about the results. What if I were positive? What then? I had to deal with those feelings and consider the possibility that it might just happen.

Thankfully, long story short, none of us in the house developed symptoms. We just finished our self-quarantine a few days ago. My city changed from modified enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) to general community quarantine (GCQ) during our quarantine as well. But I continue to live my life the same. I still don’t go out the house that much; I only go out if I have to buy some groceries. I just don’t want to risk it. Not only for me, but also for my landlady’s family.

Now for some good news: I achieved my chess goal! I broke through the 1200 rating on rapid chess (10+0) last May 21! Wooh! Even better, I reached 1300 on the 10th! Heck yeah! Just before writing this post, I also broke through 1200 on blitz chess (3+0). Edit: I just now broke through 1200 in bullet chess (1+0)!!! I’m so ecstatic that I surpassed my goal! Now, I am even more driven to improve. 💪

This is all for now. I hope I don’t jinx anything this time!

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  1. It seems that the past year, or couple of years, has been a definite rollercoaster for some of us. I’m so glad to hear that you didn’t have COVID-19, and I cannot begin to imagine how upsetting going through such a upsetting event. Luckily for me, I have a very small…basically nonexistent social circle since the death of my Mom, which means that I’ve not been in contact or personally known anyone offline who had COVID-19. I look forward to reconnecting with you, and hope that as 2021 continues you continue to improve in your chess playing.

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